Pasadena Tree Removal Cost

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In Pasadena, property owners invest in tree removal for a variety of reasons:

  • Trees do grow old and die. This creates an unsettling look.
  • Trees may pose a safety risk. For example, storms often compromise the stability of trees, making them susceptible to falling.
  • Trees may stand in the way of home improvement. For example, a tree could be in a position that works perfectly for your proposed swimming pool.
  • A tree may have a communicable disease and it is already beyond treatment.

Tree removal goes smoothly when handled by professionals. While the professionals do charge some money, they help you avoid injuries and spending money on home repairs and utility line replacements.

In Pasadena, different trees will have varying tree removal costs. However, by considering various factors, a homeowner can estimate the amount that he/she should expect to spend on tree removal.

Average Tree Removal Cost in Pasadena

The tree removal cost ranges from $200 to $2000 per tree. Average-sized trees cost $750 each. Compared to smaller trees, large trees are more expensive to remove. For example, a property owner planning to remove a small tree may spend $150 while someone with a huge tree may spend more than $2000 depending on the tree condition and location.

Some tree removal professionals prefer to calculate the tree removal cost on a per-foot basis. On average, trees cost $8 to $15 per foot. This means that a tree with a height of 20 feet will cost you $160 to $300 while a tree with a height of 100 feet will cost between $800 and $1,500.

Factors Affecting Tree Removal Cost

1. Tree Height

Tall trees often need more complicated machinery to remove. Their bigger size means that they are heavier – if they happen to fall on your house or utility lines, they can cause significant damage. To make the whole process smooth and safe, more time is required in both planning and execution.

Below, we have outlined the tree removal cost to expect for trees of varying heights:

  • Under 30 feet– In Pasadena, these trees feature the lowest cost. Property owners pay $200 to $450.
  • 30 to 60 feet– You will pay between $800 and $1500 to get rid of these trees.
  • Over 80 feet– Trees fitting in this category have a removal cost of between $1000 and $2000.

Trees Needing Crane-Assisted Removal

Tall and thick trees are generally too heavy to remove without a crane. If a crane is needed to get rid of a tree, the tree removal cost increases.

For example, if the 100-feet tree would cost you $2000 to remove without a crane, you will need an extra $500 for the crane, and another $50 to $100 to pay the crane’s operator. Per day, cranes cost between $200 and $600 to rent.

2. Tree Type

Different types of trees will have varying levels of complexity when it comes to removing them. For example, some tree species are taller than others. Besides, hardwood trees require more time to saw through compared to softwood trees. Depending on how hard the tree removal is for your tree, the tree removal cost may be high or low. Below, we have the tree removal cost for different trees:

Oak Trees

In Pasadena, oak trees grow to about 60 to 100 feet. For trees with this height, the tree removal cost is $800 to $1000. Oak trees shorter than 60 feet may cost between $200 and $800 to remove.

Palm Trees

If your palm tree has reached a height of 80+ feet, you should set aside $1,100 to $1,500 when planning its removal. Palm trees with a height of under 30 feet have a more affordable tree removal cost – these cost between $200 and $500.

Pine Tree

Pine trees taller than 40 feet cost $400 to get rid of. When the trees grow to over 80 feet, Pasadena residents can spend as much as $1,500 on the tree’s removal.

3. Tree Condition

The tree condition affects the safety of the tree removal process. Trees with underlying conditions pose a higher risk and hence, in most cases, have to be secured to keep them from causing damage by falling unexpectedly. The securing often requires additional time and gear – this increases the tree removal cost.

Below, we have outlined some of the conditions that increase the tree removal cost:

  • Lean– Small leans are normal. However, when the lean increases significantly, safety measures have to be taken since the tree might fall unexpectedly.
  • History– Heavy activities taking place near the tree’s roots can compromise the tree’s anchor system. This makes the tree unstable.
  • Multiple trunks– If the trunks have a weak connection between them, they may fall apart during the removal process. Because of this risk, the professionals may have to remove one trunk at a time.
  • Cavities and decays– This indicates a compromised wood structure. To remove the tree without dealing with home damages, tree removal professionals may have to employ tree stabilization solutions.
  • Weak branches– Weak branches may fall during the tree removal process, injuring the professionals, or even damaging your home. To avoid these issues, the professionals may have to prune the tree beforehand – this will cost you some extra money.

Removal Cost for Fallen Trees

If a fallen tree is not lying on an important structure, its removal will be easy. This means that it will have a lower tree removal cost. On average, Pasadena residents spend $75 to $150 on fallen tree removal.

If a tree is lying on a sensitive structure or utility line, a lot of finesse will be needed to prevent further damage. In some cases, special machines may be needed to lift the whole tree off the structure. This can easily increase tree removal cost.

4. Tree Diameter

Trees with a big base take more time to saw through. This often forces the tree removal experts to charge more money.

5. Tree Location

Tree service providers have a service zone for which the travel fees aren’t applicable. However, the moment a tree is located a significant distance outside the service area, the property owners have to pay a travel fee.

Depending on the distance traveled, tree service providers in Pasadena can charge a flat rate of $50 to $200. Some tree removal experts may charge $0.5 for each mile traveled.

6. Accessibility

Trees located next to buildings and utility lines need more effort to remove. For example, the tree removal professionals may need to climb the tree, prune it, and then cut it down foot by foot while lowering the logs down using a rope. This will involve a lot of effort, heavy machinery, and may take a lot of time. On average, the tree removal cost can increase by up to 50% as the tree accessibility reduces.

Extra Service Costs

The price quoted, in most cases, covers bringing down the tree. Once the tree is brought down, most tree removal experts assume that the job is complete. If, however, you would need the experts to help you with hurling the logs away, splitting them into firewood, clean-up, etc. you will have to pay some extra money. Below, we will look at the costs associated with each extra service:

1. Stump Removal

The part that connects the tree to the roots underground is left in the ground once the tree is brought down. To remove the stump, you should expect to spend the amounts listed below:

  • Per stump price– When being charged on a per stump basis, you may have to spend $150 on the first stump. The price will then reduce to $50 for each of the remaining tree stumps.
  • Diameter-based cost– Pasadena residents spend between $2 and $3 per diameter inch. However, tree removal experts have a minimum charge of $100.
  • Land clearing– If your property has a large number of stumps and you would like to remove them in one go, you will be charged on a per hour basis, with each hour costing $150.

2. Log Removal

If you would like to get rid of the tree logs, you will need to pay for limb chipping which costs between $65 and $150. Once the limb chipping is complete, you will pay an extra $50 for the logs to be hurled away.

3. Log Splitting

Some property owners in Pasadena often use firewood. This could be for cooking or house heating. Whatever use you have for the firewood; the logs will need to split into pieces that can easily fit in your furnace. Log splitting costs $75.

4. Bush Clearing

Some trees are surrounded by a bush-like growth. Before tree removal is conducted, the bush will have to be cleared to pave way for the tree removal experts. On average bush clearing costs $100. To avoid spending money on the clearing, you can clear the land before the tree removal experts arrive.

5. Licenses and Permits

Before removing a tree, tree removal experts are often needed to have a permit or a license. Licenses and permits cost money in Pasadena. For these documents, you may end up spending an additional $60 to $150 on the tree removal.

6. Clean-Up Costs

Tree removal can lead to a mess. By the end of the process, your compound may be littered with leaves, branches, and sawdust. To clean your compound, the tree removal experts may charge you some extra money.

Tree Transplanting Cost

Sometimes, a healthy tree could be in an unsuitable position. For example, it could be keeping you from building your garage or swimming pool. Such a tree can be re-located to a more suitable location. This act of re-locating a tree is known as transplanting.

Compared to getting rid of a tree, transplanting costs more. This is because it needs more expertise and complicated machinery to lift the tree off the ground with its roots intact. Once the tree is lifted off the ground, it will have to be ferried very carefully to its new location. The tree experts will have to dig a hole, add fertilizer, and then re-plant the tree carefully. The professionals may need to come back a couple of times to ensure that the tree is doing well.

Because of all of this, tree removal experts charge an extra $125 to $500 more depending on the tree height, condition, and accessibility. For example, if a tree would cost 1000 dollars to remove completely, it may cost $1000 + $500 to transplant.

Emergency Tree Removal Cost

It is widely known that storms can destabilize previously stable trees. Floods can affect a tree’s foothold negatively, soaking the ground to the point that the roots can no longer support the tree. Heavy winds can get caught in the tree crown, leading to windthrow. Lightning strikes are known to burn the tree wood and roots, turning a tree into a ticking time bomb that might fall at any time.

The best way to deal with trees that pose a risk to your home and family is to remove the trees immediately. Most tree service providers will offer emergency services. Depending on the amount of risk involved in removing the tree, the tree removal cost may be higher than when removing a normal tree.

Emergencies are generally unexpected. For example, you may need to deal with an emergency in the middle of the night. Pasadena tree removal experts are always willing to work around the clock. However, when working outside the normal work hours, the charges incurred by the property owners are generally higher.

When planning a normal tree removal, the tree service providers have enough time to prepare for the procedure. However, when called suddenly to handle an emergency, planning, and preparation is generally impossible. For this reason, most tree service providers charge an extra 10% for inconvenience.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider Before Paying for Emergency Tree Removal

If you have been paying home insurance, you should talk to your insurance provider before paying for the tree removal cost out of your pocket. Home insurers cover emergencies. Hence, working out a plan with your home insurer can save you a lot of money.

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